Mongs is a web-based data browser for MongoDB.


$ git clone
$ cd mongs
$ make run
Greetings program! Welcome to port 8080.


Click to browse.

For now you can query using JSON expressions in the URL, where the {} is above.

You can sort by adding a "sort": [["field", -1]] key/val to the {} in the URL. It will be popped and the rest of the dict will simply be a pymongo query.

To add more servers, create (or link) a servers.txt file in the Mongs distribution root with one server per line.


Mongs is implemented in Python using the Aspen web framework.


Bonus Picture

Mongs is named after a dairy. Herewith, an old milk box repurposed to hold computer cables, showing the Mong's Dairy logo:

Old timey milk box with Mong's logo


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