Disappointed with Gittip

By Chad Whitacre
January 30, 2013

I drafted this as an email to Tait Brown, who has had a disappointing experience with Gittip. Since he’s surely not the only one, I thought I’d post this publicly.

Gittip is the startup I founded. It lets you set up small, weekly, anonymous, cash gifts to your favorite people. It launched seven months ago and currently has about 600 active users exchanging about $1,500 per week. Gittip is funded on Gittip.


Chad here from Gittip, following up on our Twitter conversation yesterday:


First of all, thanks for giving Gittip a shot, and I’m sorry we disappointed you. May I put a few things on your radar? These are the ways we’re hoping to improve the Gittip experience over the next year for people such as yourself. Basically, what I’m seeing is that Gittip grows community by community, so an isolated individual such as yourself sticking your neck out with Gittip is going to find results that are “somewhat predictable,” as you say. The three big features we’re planning to add to Gittip this year to address this are:

Those are the three big pieces. We’re also going to be pushing hard on partnerships and integrations, so for example we’ll add the jQuery plugin site to our browser extension, which we’ve released for Chrome so far. Eventually, of course, it’d be great to do a direct integration, which we’ve done for six sites/products so far. We’re hoping to announce more about these new partnerships and integrations in the next month or so.

Anyway, that’s what we’re working on. Sorry you had a disappointing first go of it with Gittip. Hopefully if you revisit in a year you’ll have a better experience. We started building the team in earnest about three weeks ago, and already we have a dozen people actively contributing(!). The team is starting to gel and the velocity is starting to pick up. I’m optimistic! :-)

Of course, if you want to join us, we could definitely use some front-end skills. GitHub and Freenode (#gittip) are the best ways to jump in. And—until we have communities and funds—tips to the Gittip team (the GitHub organization behind Gittip) are the best way to fund our work. :-)

Chad Whitacre