Greetings, program! I'm the founder of Gratipay. Our mission is to cultivate an economy of gratitude, generosity, and love. Towards that end, our product provides voluntary payments and payroll for open work. Gratipay launched on June 1, 2012, and relaunched on May 21, 2015. As of August, 2015, we have about 60 teams receiving and distributing about $1,400 per week. Gratipay itself is funded on Gratipay.

I run Gratipay as openly as possible, and I helped launch the Open Company Initiative to associate with other companies committed to openness as a defining element in how we create value.

The best places to find me are GitHub and Ambridge. My address is 716 Park Road, my email is [email protected], and my cell is +1-412-925-4220.

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